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Automotive Tape for All Your Vehicle Needs

At Eastern Adhesives, we know that our partners in the automotive industry are always in need of quality tape products. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to assemble a massive inventory of premium specialty tapes and other adhesive products that enable businesses to consistently perform all their vehicle assembly and maintenance operations.

Regardless of whether your employees are attaching nameplates to cars or performing extensive repair to damaged trucks, you can rest assured that Eastern Adhesives has the tapes, adhesives, and sealants you need to get the job done. We also perform extensive tape converting for all our customers, allowing businesses to always receive a product that is custom-tailored to be the perfect solution to whatever problem they are facing.

Automotive Tape Automotive Tape for All Your Vehicle Needs Tape Products & Services Delivered Quickly

Tape Products & Services Delivered Quickly

If there’s one thing that forty years in the adhesives industry has taught us, it’s that our customers want their automotive tape when they want it and not a day later. We at Eastern Adhesives recognize this demand for prompt delivery and work diligently to get our customers’ chosen products to them on time.

Many of our tape products are kept ready for pulling and tape converting at our company headquarters so that we can process orders the moment they arrive. This makes shipping out even the most highly configured acrylic foam tape or other automotive tape quick and inexpensive for our customers.

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Product Recommendations for Automotive Application

  • 2032 Double-coated Tape: A high performing tape that can be used to attach weights to wheels for balancing purposes
  • 2100 Acrylic Foam Tape: A high quality acrylic foam tape used to attach side molding trim, nameplates, and other elements to cares; also used to replace rivets in truck trailer manufacturing; colors clear, black, white, and gray; comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • 1062 PVC: Closed cell PVC that is used in application of air and water tight gaskets to tail lights and other car parts
  • 2202 & 2205 Open Letter Nameplates: Custom open letter nameplates