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Tape Converting & Supply for Everyday Business Needs

For over forty years, Eastern Adhesives has helped its customers accomplish more in their daily operations by supplying them with top quality tape products customized to meet their exact needs. While many of our clients rely on certain specialty tapes that meet their industry demands, we also provide businesses with tapes well-suited for general application and everyday use.
Our ability to deliver comprehensive adhesives solutions to businesses from all industries enables us to provide our customers products ranging from standard double-coated tapes to transfer tapes, sealants, I goand many other adhesive solutions. Regardless of whether your company needs tape for the office or has a particular need for a certain specialty tape, we always have you covered.

Tape Converting & Supply for Everyday Business Needs

Fast Delivery & Expert Recommendations

At Eastern Adhesives, we know that today’s businesses are always on the move and need their adhesives delivered to them promptly. That’s why we do all we can to deliver purchased products out to our clients as quickly as possible. We keep many of products in stock at our company headquarters so that we may pull, configure, and ship out your tape as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you know you need tape but aren’t sure which product would best suit your needs, then the list of tapes seen below is what you need. The following products include some of the most popular choices for general application.

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Product Recommendations for General Application

  • 727 Double-coated Film Tape: An all-purpose tape great for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 901 Double-coated Paper Tape: A natural rubber adhesive that excels in temporary application for signs and nameplates without leaving residue
  • 2032 Foam Tape: A foam adhesive used to adhere price channel molding in retail stores
  • 1216 Double-coated Foam Tape: A foam tape with removable adhesives that leaves no residue on most surfaces
  • 6710T Transfer Tape: A popular transfer tape for placing bows and ribbons on gift wrapping