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Acrylic Foam Tape (AFT)

Max-Bond Acrylic Series incorporates a unique adhesive system that provides quick adhesive strength that builds to a high ultimate bond for long term performance. The solid acrylic construction offers much greater tear strength compared to typical foam tapes. Max-Bond is designed to bond to a wide range of substrates, including low energy surfaces. This adhesive is compatible with most plastics, metals and painted surfaces, and provides excellent all-weather resistant properties. Available in CLEAR, GRAY, BLACK, and WHITE. Recommended for many automotive, electronic, and construction applications.

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2100 Series

Good initial tack Excellent ultimate bond strength
Superior long term aging Four color choices,
including clear for invisible bonding to glass
Thickness range from .010” to .125”

• Peel Adhesion (90 deg., oz./in.): 275
• Dynamic Shear Adhesion (psi after 24 hrs.): 60
• Static Shear Adhesion (1,000 grams/ sq. in.): 72 hrs.+
• Service Temperatures: -30F to +220F
• Minimum recommended application temp.: 60F
• Temperature Tolerance (short term): 320F
Bus, truck, and trailer skin bonding Body side molding Automotive aftermarket trim & nameplates Window, and other construction applications