Large and small size orders are serviced economically with state-of-the-art slitting, die-cutting, and laminating equipment.

For example:

die-cut shapes & gaskets

Die-cut shapes and gaskets are made with rotary die cutters for high speed and high volume, and steel rule or laser die cutters for more intricate or low volume of parts.

Slitters & die cutters

High-speed, computer-driven slitters and die cutters reduce production time while offering precision low-tolerance finishing, resulting in important customer savings.

We work closely with customers for laminating any of the double-coated tapes to their specified materials, such as textiles and plastic films. Most applications are satisfied with the many standard tapes we offer, however, a custom tape can be engineered by one of our designated manufacturers if required. We are here and ready to assist you and find the best optimal adhesive tape solution.