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Exceptional Adhesive Products & Tape Converting Services

Exceptional Adhesive Products & Tape Converting Services

At Eastern Adhesives, we recognize that the construction industry has some of the most demanding applications for double-coated tapes, acrylic foam tapes, and numerous other adhesives. Whether making repairs to a home or building a new property from the ground up, construction companies require tape products that have superior bonding strength, are resilient to the elements, and are built to last.

tape products that have superior bonding strength

Fortunately for these companies, Eastern Adhesives offers tape products that meet these stringent expectations. Over nearly forty years, we’ve assembled together a massive inventory of adhesive materials designed to fulfill every need common to the construction industry. We even work together with our clients to help them select the best product for their chosen application.

Weather resistant adhesive that securely bonds for unparalleled structural integrity

For commercial window installation, Maxi-Bond acrylic foam tape is an exceptionally strong, weather resistant adhesive that securely bonds for unparalleled structural integrity. If your business is installing doors, then we recommend single-coated black PVC foam that cushions and protects for years to come. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, we have the knowledge and the products to enable your workforce to achieve amazing results for its customers.

An Adhesives Provider That Meets Your Demands

Eastern Adhesives supplies its clients with superior products that are also configured to meet their express needs. We perform extensive tape converting services for all our tape products, allowing us to custom tailor our customers’ orders to the exact specifications they need. This enables businesses to get the most value out of their products and be able to tackle whatever projects they may be facing.

Our commitment to meeting our customer’s needs even goes beyond the products themselves. Eastern Adhesives prides itself on its prompt delivery of all its orders. We keep much of our acrylic foam tape and other high grade products at our company headquarters, ready to be customized and shipped out shortly after their requested.

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Product Recommendations for Construction Application

  • 2100 Acrylic Foam Tape: An AFT used to attached mullion, muntin bars, and grills to glass; available in a variety of colors
  • 1062 PVC Foam: A closed-cell PVC foam with single-side adhesive that is useful as sealer insulator on high rise buildings, sealing garage doors, and cushioning entry doors
  • 2032 Double-coated Foam Tape: A double-coated, closed-cell foam tape used for glazing and shower door closures
  • 2008 Double-coated Foam Tape: A 1/8” double-sided, closed-cell foam tape useful for installation of whole bath enclosures
  • PT12 Duct Tap: Construction grade for air conditioning and all duct work applications.