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DOUBLE COATED TAPES - come with polyester, tissue, polypropylene, or foam carriers with a choice of pressure sensitive adhesives to meet a large variety of fastening, bonding, mounting, and attachment applications. Let us help you find the one that is right for you.

985 .5 mil clear polyester film coated both sides with 1.5 mils of solvent acrylic stay-clear pressure sensitive adhesive. Superior peel and shear adhesion to most plastics, metals, cloth fabrics, and low energy surfaces. Peel adhesion @ 120 oz/inch; temperature range @ -20F to 220F
9650 .5 mil polyester film coated both sides with 3.0 mils of a very high tack/peel acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Adheres well to most plastic and metal surfaces, and is recommended for porous materials where the additional adhesive offers more contact area. Peel Adhesion @ 175 oz./inch; temperature range -20F to 200F
729 3 mil saturated tissue coated both sides with 2.0 mils of high tack hybrid acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Excellent for splicing and hand tearing applications. An economical, very good general purpose tape.
727 .5 mil polyester coated with 2.0 mils of the same hybrid acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive as 729. 727 is ideal for closed and open cell foam, and many fabrics where moderate discoloration is not important. Peel Adhesion @ 98 oz./inch; -10F to 210F
333 .5 mil polyester film with differential pressure sensitive adhesive, permanent on unwind side, and removable on the release liner side. Recommended for temporary signage and window advertisements; Core tape for custom labels and other applications requiring clean removal with no surface residue. Peel Adhesion @ 75 oz/inch permanent unwind side and 20oz/inch removable liner side
901 “engravers tape” double coated 4 mil paper tape coated both sides with a natural rubber based adhesive both sides for temporary hold, is essentially a Removable/Removable tape. Easy clean removal leaves no residue on surfaces.

TRANSFER TAPES - come with high tack solvent acrylic adhesive that have good shear properties and moisture stable release liner to prevent wrinkling. 2200 series Transfer tapes are excellent for use on nameplates, flexible materials, and post laminated die cutting. Following are the products and adhesive thickness:

2202 @ .002” adhesive thickness
2203 @ .003” adhesive thickness
2204 @ .004” adhesive thickness
2205 @ .005” adhesive thickness
Service temperature: -40F to 250F
Peel Adhesion: 9.9 lbs/inch