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Silicone Tape & Other Specialty Products for Electronics

Silicone Tape & Other Specialty Products for Electronics

We understand that electronics assembly requires high quality specialty tapes and sealants that are specifically built for the task at hand. Whether employees are building computers for clients or handling factory manufacturing, businesses need the right adhesives in order to ensure maximum bonding to electronics without leaving residue on sensitive electrical components.
Every day, Eastern Adhesives delivers to its customers in the electronics industry the silicone tape, acrylic foam tape, and other adhesives necessary for their operations. We work with all our clients to assist them in not only selecting the best tape for their chosen application, but also in getting these products delivered to them as quickly as possible.
We also perform tape converting services so that customers receive their selected product to the specifications they demand. This helps us make certain that our clients have adhesive solutions that can scale from their largest assembly operations down to their most minute electronics work.

A Tape Product Distributor Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

Eastern Adhesives is a company committed to maintaining perfect customer satisfaction with all its customers. We don’t just provide our clients with silicone tape and other important adhesives. Beyond our extensive line of products and highly configurable tape converting service, we make sure that each business we deal with is handled with the respect and priority it deserves.

When your business places an order, we pull and customize your product as quickly as we can to ensure that you receive it when you need it. If you want to try out one of our many tape products before you buy, then we encourage you to request samples.

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Product Recommendations for Electronics Application

  • 7599 Silicone Tape: A 2ml thick, single-coated silicone tape with high initial tack that leaves no residue after being removed from electrical components
  • 7172 Silicone Tapes: A 1ml thick, single-coated silicone tape with great initial tack that doesn’t leave residue i.e. print cartridges and surface protector.
  • 2100 Acrylic Foam Tape (AFT): A foam tape that’s well-suited for fastening internal computer parts without the use of screws
  • Double-coated Membrane Switch Tape: A double-sided tape die cut to customer requirements; can be different thicknesses according to request