Eastern offers a variety of specialized tapes for large format and flexo printing alike. These double-coated and single-coated tapes cover all of the everyday applications and help to produce reliable, excellent-quality printing results every time.

If you have material that you want to make adhesive coated one side, we can laminate double-coated tape to practically any material, or supply a double-coated tape for you to laminate. We offer a range of tapes from economical transfer tapes like IF1021 up to high-performance 9650 double-coated film tape.

  • Full web with laminating tapes – IF 1020 transfer tape, 727, 985, 9650 PET double-coated tapes
  • Flexo Plate Mounting – 8615S, 8615M, and 8615 are 13 mils thick foam with no residue adhesives
  • Core Starting Tapes – 727 and729
  • For Splicing – Single or double-coated silicone tapes adhere well to silicone-coated papers and films 719 double-coated tissue.
  • Photo Album Attachment – IB4130 and IF 4032 PH neutral (acid-free)