Automobiles have a number of high-demand applications where the double-coated tapes must perform without fail on outdoor and indoor requirements.

  • Emblems & Insignias – 4032, 2200 AHB, 9650, 402
  • Trim & Molding Attachment – 2200 AHB
  • Nameplates – 4032, 402 transfer tape
  • Mirror Attachment & Assembly – 4032 and 2230 AHB
  • Gasketing & Sealing – 1000 series PVC closed cell foam
  • Rocker Panel & Spoiler Attachment – 2200 AHB
  • Wire Harness & Cable Wrapping – Silicone Tape

Tractor Trailer

Tractor Trailer manufacturers are reducing labor cost and adding value by using 2200 Acrylic foam tape (AFT) to replace rivets for panel mounting and trim attachment. This has the added advantage of air and water sealing between panel joints and reducing vibration noise.


The marine industry faces some of the harshest conditions and EAI has been supplying tape solutions for marine applications for over forty years. We know the products needed to fit those conditions. Foam tapes for sealing compartment openings and gaskets to permanently protect electrical housings are critical needs.

Custom precision slit narrow rolls and custom die-cut masking solutions are available with a choice of paper or film tapes.

  • Compartment and Hatch Sealing
    1000 series PVC closed-cell foam (.060″ to 1″ thick)
  • Masking
    High temperature and sharp line Silicone film tape
  • Mirror and Device Attachment 
    2200AHB, 2032, and 2032A
  • Protective Covering
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