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Medical  Tape and Tape Converting Solutions

Medical Tape and Tape Converting Solutions

When medical device manufacturers run short on adhesive supplies, they turn to Eastern Adhesives for all their medical tape needs. As a major provider of tape products and tape converting services for companies nationwide, we are able to answer all medical industry requests regardless of order volume.

Tapes for face masks and face shields include:

Skin friendly foam with adhesive one side closed cell foam used inside shields 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” thick. Conformable foam padding provides a long life seal against air, moisture, and dust.

Available in pre-cut strips from 1” up to 24” long for easy application.

Double sided foam tapes for shield assembly are available in thickness from .020” up to .125”. Thinner, lifetime clear double sided tapes range in thickness from .003” up to .010”. Double sided tapes are also available in precut strips or rolls.

Other medical applications include:

Double sided precut pieces for use as closure in place of “buttons” on surgical gowns.

Medical grade adhesive tapes used for surgical drapes, EKG pads, and more.

The Superior Service You Deserve

At Eastern Adhesives, we are as dedicated to customer satisfaction as we are to providing fully configurable adhesive solutions. We work with our customers in the medical industry to help them select the most suitable products for their required application. From medical tape to other adhesive types, we consult our partners in the product selection process with over forty years of industry experience.

In addition to unparalleled assistance in helping you choose between products, Eastern Adhesives also emphasizes fast delivery time for all its clients. We keep much of our product readily stocked at our company headquarters and are able to process and ship most orders the same day as they are requested.

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Product Recommendations for Medical Industry Application

  • Hypoallergenic Medical Adhesives:  Available in all medical tapes
  • 985 Double-coated Film Tape: A clear, non-yellowing tape with excellent initial tack which bonds to multiple substrates
  • Hook & Loop: 12 standard colors in stock with or without adhesive; available in rolls, die cut circles, or squares
  • NS4100 Non-slip Tape: An anti-slip vinyl safety tape well-suited to preventing falls on ramps & bathtub enclosures, etc.
  • 4100 Series PE Foam Tape: A double-coated adhesive available in white or black
  • 2202 2ml Acrylic Transfer Tape: Highly conformable, clean-cutting high initial tack tape
  • 1032MG Foam Tape: A closed cell polyethylene tape used in EKG pads
  • 4116 P/R (permanent/removable): A foam tape that uses removable adhesives to ensure no residue remains upon removal
  • Extended Liner Tape: Surgical drapes & cloth gowns
  • NS 5200 Non-slip Tape: Grit non-slip tape for long lasting high traffic ramps & walkways