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A Proud Provider of Adhesive Products & Tape Converting Services

A Proud Provider of Adhesive Products & Tape Converting Services

At Eastern Adhesives, we believe that every business should always be well-stocked in quality tape products that enable them to accomplish amazing results for their customers. That’s why for nearly forty years we’ve dedicated our company to providing businesses from all industries with exceptional adhesives that are uniquely configured to meet their needs.

From our extensive inventory of doubled-coated tapes to our expert converting services, Eastern Adhesives is your full-service solution for all your fastening, bonding, and attachment needs. Whether your company needs a general purpose, economical double-coated tape or a tape to handle more specific and demanding applications, you’ll find what you need through us.

We also provide our customers with a full line of glues and sealants from manufacturers like Dow Corning, Bosh, and Loctite.

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 Comprehensive Products

Whether your company needs simple double-coated tape for general use or specialty tape necessary for specific applications, you’ll find what you need through us. Our products include a complete line of tapes designed to meet virtually every tape-oriented fastening, bonding and sealing application. We even provide our customers with non-tape adhesives and sealants as well.


 Converting Services

Our converting capabilities include custom slitting, die cutting and laminating. These services combined with total product inventory leads to exceptional order response, and unparalleled delivery times.


 Unparalleled Service

Eastern Adhesives is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer service at all times. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff work with our clients to determine the best optimal products to suit the application’s requirements, make recommendations, and promptly submit a free trial sample.