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Superior Industrial Tape & Converting Services

Superior Industrial Tape & Converting Services

Since 1975, Eastern Adhesives has been helping businesses from all markets fulfill their tape-related needs. From companies servicing retail outlets to construction companies with applications such as window manufacturing, we provide all our customers with quality tape products that we fully customize to perform their needed application.

For our clients in the industrial sector, we offer a diverse range of tape products and other industrial adhesive solutions that meet all their needs. Eastern Adhesives’ inventory includes solutions for everyday application, factory assembly, sealing for maximum bond, and other uses common to the industrial market. We also perform extensive tape converting for all our industrial tape products. Whatever your product requirements may be, we are able to die cut, slit, and laminate your selected adhesive solutions specifically for your company’s purposes.

Your Partner in Industrial Adhesive Supply

In our role as a full-service tape provider, we at Eastern Adhesives strive to be a vital partner in the supply of adhesive solutions for all our customers. Over the years, we’ve enabled businesses across the nation to operate without interruption due to our timely delivery of specialty tape products. As we keep much of our industrial tape and other adhesives readily in stock, we are able to expedite orders to our customers and deliver when needed.

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Product Recommendations for Industrial Application

  •  9650 Double-coated Film Tape: A maximum-bond double-sided tape that excels in both indoor and outdoor use
  • 4100 Foam Tape: A double-coated foam tape that offers ideal performance in both indoor and outdoor sign and wall mounting
  • 6700BC / 6500 BC Extended Liner Tapes: Blue plastic liner tapes uses for bag closure
  • 256 Seamstick Tape: A popular tape used widely in fabric-sewing operations that reduces finishing time
  • 7293DC Silicone Tape: A high tack adhesive splicing tape designed to withstand high temperatures
  • 985 Double-coated Film Tape: A non-yellowing, clear tape with excellent initial tack which can bond to multiple substrates
  • 2202 2ml Acrylic Transfer Tape: A clean-cutting tape with great initial tack that is highly conformable
  • 2205 5ml Acrylic Transfer Tape: A clean-cutting tape with great initial tack that is highly conformable
  • 901 Temporary Hold Down Tape: No residue when removed